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inspire Award

Sweetwater Robotics Program
Sweetwater Union High School District

Robotics teams at Sweetwater District schools are engaging students in a "sport of the mind" that involves problem solving and creativity in a way that makes learning fun.  Competitions combine the action of a sporting event with an engineering twist.  Student teams are tasked with overcoming design and functionality obstacles.  Teams pit their robot inventions against one another.

innovate Award

The "Flipped" Classroom - Using 21st Century Design to Meet Students Needs

San Diego Unified School District

San Diego Unified School District's Learning on the Go program answers the "What if" questions educators have pondered for years.  Fully digital classrooms with 24-hour mobile access at Innovation Middle School find teachers taking the leap to transform teaching practice by "flipping their classroom instruction".

achieve Award

Montgomery Math Gradual Release of Responsibility Model
Chula Vista Elementary School District

John J. Montgomery Elementary School

Montgomery Elementary's adaptation of the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model provides teachers and students with a comprehensive plan for teaching and learning that benefits all learners.  Instruction is strategically designed to ensure that students have each of the following:  a purpose for learning; a learning model; guided, collaborative, and independent practice; and retention of concepts and skills.

impact Award

San Ysidro Medical Pathway
Sweetwater Union High School District
San Ysidro High School

The Medical Pathway is a comprehensive, four-year program of study that incorporates rigorous, college prep science courses into a structured 'path' for students interested in the Health Care industry.



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